DSC 8266
This was as close to the nose as we could get. 4014 was sitting on mainline track with other consists going past. The railroad didn't want us crawling over live rails. Shame.
DSC 8243
Side view of the front of the smoke box. You can see the ALCO builder plate from here...
DSC 8245
She's certainly long. There was staff oiling and wiping the running gear the entire time she sat there.
DSC 8252
You can really see that you're going to need the middle articulation going around turns with something this long.
DSC 8251
An original tender. It has a standard truck, followed by 5 fixed axles. It has been converted from coal to oil feed.
DSC 8259
Following the tender were two of these tanks. I am unsure whether they were hauling fuel or just extra water.
DSC 8262
The lineup from the back. You can see the first of the two yellow tanks behind the traditional black tender.
DSC 8261
Following the tanks was a SD70M, still noted to be under warranty! All long-haul steam trains are now required to have a diesel hidden somewhere in-line to act as as both a power source for the coaches as well as a tow truck if required.
DSC 8281
One of several high-top dining cars that followed in the consist.

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