Union Pacific Big Boy

The Massive Engine That Could

The Union Pacific Railroad is not above showing off their restoration chops

The Union Pacific had the American Locomotive Company build 25 of the most massive (and impressive) steam engines, to be used in coal service over the Wasatch Mountains.  They were active from 1941 until 1959, at which point they were superceded by the more modern Diesel Electric engines we see now.  All but eight were sent to the scrapyard.  One of the eight ended up in Pomona, Califiornia, as an immobile exhibit at a rail museum.  The Union Pacific purchased it back in 2013 and began the immense undertaking of bringing it back to operational status.  This included an operational upgrade – changing the fuel source from coal to Number Five Fuel Oil.

She has been operating under her own power since 2019 and has been touring the Unites States regularly since.

She stopped for a day in Fort Worth, TX on Saturday, August 14th 2021, braving the rain and long lines of fans.  Bound for Houston, the next leg of the journey starts on Sunday and continues for 2 leisurely days.

DSC 8266
DSC 8243
DSC 8245
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DSC 8281
This was as close to the nose as we could get. 4014 was sitting on mainline track with other consists going past. The railroad didn't want us crawling over live rails. Shame.

All images Copyright 2021 by Eye On U Photography


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